Missy, What makes you different?


I’ve been asked a few times what makes me different from all the other cam girls out there. The best answer I can give is that I’m real. And I don’t mean “real” as in tangible. Yes, the pics you see on my listings are really me (unlike probably 80% of the phone listings you’ll find on NiteFlirt). But what I’m talking about is “keeping it real”.

I’m not an actress or an aspiring porn starlet. I’m just a real girl (or real woman, depending on who you ask) who loves getting to know people, really enjoys good conversation, and is always (well, almost always) intrigued by the stories and fantasies my callers share with me.

This is not my job. I have a real full-time job that keeps me extremely busy during the week. I live in a fairly small town with not a whole lot to do. I’m pretty much over my partying days… I’m way too old for that now, lol! And most of my friends here are settled down with families and kids. Needless to say, I don’t have much of a social life here. So I look at NiteFlirt as a sort of outlet for me… both for my sexual desires and also for social interaction. The extra money is nice, of course, and doing this allows me the comfort of knowing that my bills will get paid next month. But this is not my sole source of income. I do this because I enjoy doing it, not because I have to. In my opinion, you can always tell a girl who is only doing it for the money, and well… let’s face it – that takes a lot of the enjoyment out of what should be enjoyable sexual fun for both sides.

Let me also say that I work for an adult internet company. I look at porn all day long, day in and day out. It has become one of my biggest pet peeves to see so much fakeness and acting in porn. There are so many girls who, in my opinion, could be absolutely sexy if they would just cut out the cheesy acting and be themselves. The facial expressions (especially what I refer to as “fish lips”) and the noises they make (especially that reverse hissing sound) are absolutely a joke. Not only is it a huge turn-off for me and ruins the entire scene, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a) how they could possibly think this is sexy, and b) what is wrong with all of the men who actually do find it sexy. I mean, come on! Have you EVER brought a girl home and had her pull that shit in bed? I would seriously start laughing if that ever happened to me. Unfortunately, so many cam girls get their ideas on how they should act on cam from… you guessed it – fake, cheesy porn. I see it all the time and it blows me away. I will sit there watching an otherwise really cute girl puckering out her lips and moaning like she’s getting fucked with a 10″ dick, and all she’s doing is typing to her fans. I just want to shake her! Wake up! Get real! There’s a reason so many men prefer live cams over pre-filmed porn. Because porn is just too fake to actually be considered a turn-on!

I could go on and on about all of the cam girls who have made the unfortunate decision to act like L.A. porn starlets. So I’ll stop now. Let me just say that I do try to keep it as real as possible. I don’t ever want to become so desensitized that I become “one of those”. So please don’t ask me to “just do what I would do when I’m alone and horny” and then ask me to moan louder or talk dirtier. Yes, I have gotten quite a few of those. I’ve also had several people ask me why I’m not more vocal when I’m masturbating. The simple answer is that I’m just doing what I would naturally do. There are SO many cam models out there who would be more than happy to put on a fake porn show for you. If that’s what you like, you and I probably aren’t the best match. Rather than asking me to be something I’m not, just politely move on and find somebody more suited to your taste.

Please don’t take this all to mean that I can’t get into a good role-playing fantasy. I actually really enjoy that (most of the time). But role-playing is just that… ACTING out a fantasy. I’m just saying that I’m not going to be faking my sexual impulses and verbal reactions, so please don’t expect me to.

So… if what you are looking for is a REAL girl who you can be yourself with, talk to as you would with your next-door neighbor that you’ve had a thing for ever since she moved in, or maybe even a woman you met in the bar and are hoping to get into your bed, I might be the one for you. If you can appreciate honesty and won’t be offended if I politely tell you that your fantasy is not something I’m comfortable with, or wouldn’t be turned off if I admit to you that I’ve been curious about your particular fantasy but have never had the chance to explore it, we might just be a great fit for each other. If you’re into flawless women with fake tits, fake lips, and fake orgasms… I’m probably not the one for you.

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